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Whether for privacy, aesthetic or to set the dividing line on your property, vinyl fencing is the perfect solution. At Vinyl Professionals, Inc., we know that every property is different and every homeowner has different tastes. It’s why we custom-fabricate vinyl fencing to fit perfectly with your property goals. We’re the most complete fence company in Santa Clarita, CA, working with you from planning and design, to fabrication and installation.

With options and capabilities spanning picket fencing, privacy fencing and scalloped/arched fencing, we bring the right style to your property. And, thanks to our durable vinyl products, you can rest assured it’ll stand up to the California climate for decades to come.

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On-Staff Installers

Vinyl fencing needs to be installed by fencing contractors with experience. Our in-house team has decades of proven work behind them, and knows exactly how to bring a custom fence to life on your property. From handling the rail lock-ins, to ensuring no-show brackets and screws, our team takes the time to install a fence that’s durable and beautiful. From small picket fences to tall privacy fences, our scope of abilities meets your expectations, and we guarantee finished results that distinguish your property.

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Want to get a feel for vinyl fencing before you commit? Come and visit our showroom to see different styles and textures for yourself. We have various vinyl options available for you to see and feel, and we can answer your questions to help you make an informed decision about custom vinyl fencing.

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Vinyl Professionals, Inc. takes pride in bringing custom vinyl fencing solutions to homeowners throughout Santa Clarita, CA. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, trespassing or aesthetic, our fencing is exactly what you need, because it’s custom-made for you! Call us today to begin discussing your needs or to schedule a visit to our showroom.

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