Pro Tips: Proper Vinyl Fence Maintenance

If you’ve ever improved your property by adding a vinyl fence, you know that it was no small undertaking to get it installed. Increasing your privacy and adding to your property’s value can be quite an endeavor, so your next step is to be certain that you do everything in your power to care for this considerable investment.

Thankfully, vinyl fence maintenance in Santa Clarita, CA is actually a simpler task than many people might expect—all it requires is a little time and attention, and your fence should be in great shape for many years to come. Also, if you’re currently in the market for a new vinyl fence or need some repair work done, don’t delay—the falling outdoor temperatures mean that the window for ideal construction conditions is quickly closing:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning a fence doesn’t have to be that difficult of a job. You can start by using a mild soap and water solution to get most of the dirt off, and then simply spray it down with a garden hose. This will take care of the vast majority of staining. For tougher spots, a non-toxic household cleaner will do the job, and you can always call in the big guns like a Magic Eraser or mineral spirits for the really persistent ones.
  • Adjust the gate: The gates on fences can get worn down and unseated over time, which simply gets worse if it’s ignored. The best way to nip this in the bud is to adjust the gate every spring and make sure that it’s lined up. We’ve found that a lot of vinyl fence maintenance in Santa Clarita, CA comes down to keeping up with these simple, scheduled tasks.
  • Oil everything up: The hinges on gates should be oiled regularly to ensure they’re kept in good working order. This will help prevent rust and ensure they’re able to swing freely and fully. Also, give the screws a look at the same time and tighten up any that look like they’ve been worked loose.
  • Keep the gate secured: The gate is one of the most breakable parts of a fence, and the most likely to wear down. As a result, you should also keep an eye on it. Being consistent about keeping it locked and not swinging in the wind will help lengthen the life of the hinges and of the gate itself.
  • Teach the children well: After almost 15 years in this business, we feel confident in one thing: there is almost nothing more tempting to a child than swinging on a fence gate. We understand the temptation, but it can really accelerate the deterioration of the hinges and screws. To prolong the life of the fence, it’s best to dissuade kids from playing with any swinging gate.

Vinyl fence maintenance in Santa Clarita, CA really comes down to scheduling regular tasks and keeping some common sense in mind. The moving parts on your fence (namely, the gates) are the most vulnerable to damage from misuse or overuse, so those should be the ones you pay the closest attention to.

If you think your vinyl fence has fallen into disrepair that goes beyond regular maintenance, or you just want to run some questions by the experts, please feel free to give Vinyl Professionals, Inc. a call anytime!

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