How to Maintain Your Vinyl Gazebo

When you purchase a new home, you’re taking on a project that will last for years to come. You’ll spend countless hours of your time finding the right paint for your walls, putting in the perfect carpet or hardwood flooring and purchasing the perfect furniture. Don’t put all your decorative energy into the inside of your home, though. It’s time to bring some of that creative energy to the outdoors by sprucing up your yard.

There’s no better addition to your outdoor space than a new vinyl gazebo. Here are some tips from quality gazebo builders in Santa Clarita, CA to get you started.

Why choose a gazebo?

Some homeowners may instinctively gravitate toward a new patio or deck when they want to add sitting space to their backyard or garden. However, these are not your only options. A gazebo allows homeowners several benefits. Unlike a deck or patio, a gazebo preserves the natural beauty of your lawn and garden instead of covering it. It also provides your home with a sanctuary that’s at once part of your property and its own separate world. Allow yourself some time in your yard, not next to it.

Gazebos can be customized as a spa, a sitting space, a meal area or any number of other ideas. Of course, once you decide to enlist quality gazebo builders in Santa Clarita, CA, you’ll inevitably be confronted with the choice between wood and vinyl. Here’s how you can decide.


Once your gazebo is up, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance to keep it looking its best. When you opt for a wood gazebo, that maintenance includes sweeping regularly and having it sealed on an annual basis. When you choose to erect a vinyl gazebo, the maintenance needs are much lower. You just have to hose it down from time to time.


Admittedly, the price point for vinyl is initially higher than that of wood. However, some contractors suggest that wood is the more expensive material over the course of the gazebo’s life. It requires a much higher time and money investment year over year.


There’s no question that vinyl is more durable than wood. On average, even a well-maintained wooden gazebo will last around 15 years. When you put up a vinyl gazebo, you can expect it to continue looking beautiful for up to 30 years. What’s more, vinyl doesn’t fade or crack like wood, and it puts up a much stronger fight against the weather.

Your vinyl experts

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