Tips for Enjoying Your Home’s Vinyl Decking

When the weather starts to heat up and the sun begins to chase away the rain and cold of winter, it doesn’t get much better in Santa Clarita, CA than the simple pleasure of enjoying some nice relaxation time on the deck. And if you have a vinyl deck, there are some specific bonuses to that enjoyment.

On the flip side, there are also some things to watch out for to make sure you enjoy that vinyl deck to the fullest. Here are some examples of those bonuses and things to watch out for. A local deck builder in Santa Clarita, CA can help you determine if a vinyl deck is right for you.

Vinyl deck bonuses

One of the best things about a vinyl deck is its longevity. Vinyl decking is built to withstand UV rays. Depending on what type of vinyl your local deck builder in Santa Clarita, CA installs, it may last upwards of 40 years before needing to be replaced. You should be able to develop a good tan in that amount of time!

Have you ever walked out onto a deck with bare feet, only to be greeted by a nasty splinter in your sole? That doesn’t happen with a vinyl deck. It’s safe to walk on a vinyl deck with bare feet, sandaled feet and even feet with boots on them. This is also great for kids, who have even softer and more delicate feet than toughened adults.

Nothing says summer like a good barbecue in the backyard. Vinyl decking is perfect for an outdoor cookout because it’s easy to clean. If you spill the mustard or, heaven forbid, drop a beer, all you need to do is hose it off and it will look like nothing ever happened. Even if it’s been a few hours since the accident, it’s still easy enough to clean with a couple sprays of cleaner and a rag.

Vinyl can be a great choice for a deck, but it’s also a good choice for the pool area. Vinyl’s textured surface provides natural slip resistance (little people have a hard time following guidelines regarding running by the pool). It’s also easy to maintain, which will keep your pool area looking great with little effort.

Things to be careful of with vinyl decking

As a good local deck builder in Santa Clarita, CA will tell you, there are some things to be aware of regarding vinyl decking to keep it in top shape throughout its lifespan.

For starters, you want to avoid dragging heavy objects across the deck, as it might damage or tear the vinyl. Use a dolly or a protective sheet to move heavy items like appliances.

You also want to avoid anything sharp from coming into contact with your vinyl deck, so it’s a good idea to move the dartboard to another part of your property. Also, don’t use it as a cutting surface, as your blade might puncture the vinyl and compromise the integrity of the waterproof seal.

Vinyl Professionals, Inc. is your best choice for a local deck builder in Santa Clarita, CA. Contact us today for all your vinyl decking needs.

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