Vinyl Fence Trends for 2021

Used in everything from pipes to clothing, vinyl—or, more specifically, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—is one of the most versatile and widely used plastic polymers there is. Its durability and low production cost have made vinyl extremely popular in construction, as it can be used in siding, floors and fencing.

If you’re looking for a fence for your home and you’ve settled on vinyl as the ideal material, you’ll probably want to know some of the top vinyl fence trends in 2021. This article will cover several different vinyl fence styles that are in vogue this year.

Mixed material fencing

For homeowners who want a two-toned or unique look for their fence, vinyl and mixed material fencing is a viable option. This trend is on the upswing largely because the different types of material make many more appearances and functions possible. Some materials you can pair with your vinyl fence include corrugated steel, wood, metal or cinderblock.

Outdoor lighting

If you live in a place like Santa Clarita, CA, where the weather is often warm and pleasant, having your vinyl fence augmented by outdoor lighting only makes sense. Because you’ll likely be spending time with people outside, how you light your vinyl fence will be critical to the overall feel of your home. You can have outdoor lights either on the ground and pointed up at the fence or attached directly to your fence for utilitarian reasons, making it easier to see.

Horizontal fencing

Considered a contemporary and trendy type of fencing, vinyl horizontal fencing is a minimalist’s dream. It features clean parallel lines running horizontally that, when combined with similar interior patterns, can offer an extraordinary sense of flow within, throughout and outside your home. The nice thing about using vinyl fencing is that it’s available in a faux-wood finish. This not only works for horizontal fencing, but also offers you the aesthetic benefits of wood fencing while being more durable than natural wood due to its vinyl composition.

Laser-cut fencing

We now shift from minimalism to the exact opposite. If you want your home’s fencing to be one-of-a-kind and say something about you and your tastes, then laser-cut fencing may be for you. This is a rather recent trend due to the rising prevalence of laser-cutting technology, and installing laser-cut fencing can offer your home an elegant and artsy feel. Though you could pick your own pattern, some of the more common choices are leaves, flowers, trees, animal outlines and geometric patterns.

Set it and forget it with durable fencing

If you’d prefer that your home’s fencing last a long time and require little upkeep, there are many vinyl options available to you. Vinyl fencing’s chief strength is its durability, and that includes it being low maintenance. Even if you’re more concerned with pure functionality rather than the more cutting-edge vinyl fence trends, you’d do well to implement some vinyl fencing.

Call for your vinyl fencing today

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