Five Reasons Why Outdoor Living Spaces Increase the Value of Your Home

Have you been thinking, “Should I invest in my outdoor living spaces?” The answer is a resounding yes.

One of the best reasons to do so is because it will increase your home’s value. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that no matter how large your home is, we can all use some extra space. Plus, when you’re putting your home on the market, a beautiful outdoor living space can make or break a buyer’s decision to put in an offer.

Here are five reasons why outdoor living spaces increase your home’s value:

  • An affordable improvement: Adding new rooms to your home or remodeling the existing ones can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what you want to achieve. That’s not necessarily affordable for everyone. Improving your outdoor living spaces is less expensive and will provide plenty of practicality, functionality and beauty in the coming years.
  • More living space: We can all use a little more living space, whether you’ve made it a goal to eat al fresco more often or you just want a place where your kids can do messy crafts without damaging the carpet. Get the peace, quiet and functional living space that you deserve—and that will encourage future buyers to make an offer.
  • Landscaping is a long-term value: Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime in the near future, landscaping offers long-term value. You’ll immediately get the benefits of an upgraded outdoor area. Assuming you maintain your new landscaping and outdoor features, you’ll also improve your property value over time. When the value of one home goes up, it benefits the entire neighborhood.
  • Create the backyard of your dreams: Another good reason to improve your outdoor spaces is that you can design it to reflect your unique tastes and decor style. From plants to water features and fences to gazebos, the possibilities are endless. Maybe it’s time to have the English cottage-style backyard you’ve always dreamed of, with climbing roses and a vinyl gazebo. Perhaps you’d like to play up your house’s Mediterranean-style architecture with a custom vinyl patio (and plenty of bougainvillea). The design options are endless, and they’ll all improve your home value.
  • Entertain friends and family: Finally, improving your outdoor spaces will encourage you to entertain friends and family more often. Why not host the holidays outside and take advantage of the warm Southern California sunshine? You’ll get more use out of the yard year-round when you improve your outdoor living spaces.

Still asking yourself, “Can my outdoor living spaces increase the value of my home?” Whatever your reason for investing in your outdoor living spaces, have confidence that there are plenty of upgrade options available that can help increase your home’s value.

In fact, Vinyl Professionals, Inc. offers vinyl patios, decks, gazebos, gates and fences. No matter what your practical and aesthetic goals may be, we can help you achieve them. Call us today to learn more about pricing, selection and services.

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