Chain Link vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which One Should You Choose?

Whether you’ve just moved onto a new property and want to put up fencing for the first time, or have lived somewhere for years and want to replace that nasty old fence, there’s a lot of research you’ll need to do. For starters, deciding on the parameters and goals of the fence is a good first thing to get squared away. Next, you want to start thinking about materials to use, and this is where it could get a little more interesting.

Wood and chain link used to be the most popular fencing materials, but vinyl has become a great choice in recent years thanks to its durability and affordability. Read on for more insight into how chain link and vinyl fencing stack up against one another.

Differences in cost

Chain link fencing has long been a favorite, especially for long stretches like athletic fields, because it is a very affordable material. Vinyl fencing is likely to come out to be a bit more expensive once you factor in all variables, but you need to remember that you’re not just paying for the containment—you’re also paying for the privacy a solid fence offers, as well as the improved appearance that a vinyl fence can offer to your property when it’s installed properly by a team of trained professionals.

Differences in maintenance

Chain link fencing requires little to no maintenance. Once it’s installed, there’s not a whole lot you need to do, especially if the metal has been dipped in rubber or plastic. The only maintenance task you might need to occasionally complete is applying a fresh coat of paint.

Vinyl fencing is equally durable, and the two materials have roughly the same lifespan. Vinyl fencing just requires some hosing off with a high-speed nozzle (like a pressure washer) once or twice a year to get rid of all of the debris that can accumulate over time.

Differences in aesthetics

This is one point where vinyl fencing has a clear advantage. Chain link is a durable and cost-effective choice for fencing materials, but it can certainly evoke a specific look. They can bring to mind restraint (think prisons), they can rust and deteriorate over time and beyond all that, they can just be plain boring to look at.

The smooth appearance and the variety of color choices available these days with vinyl fencing simply blow chain link out of the water. You can easily realize your landscaping vision and reinvigorate your yard with the diverse nature of vinyl fencing materials.

All in all, chain link fencing comes out pretty even when it comes to cost and maintenance, but the tiebreaker for many of our customers is the aesthetic choices offered by vinyl fences. They can come in a variety of colors (which are resistant to UV rays) and will offer your home or business an unprecedented degree of luxurious privacy. If you’d like to learn more about vinyl fencing, give our team at Vinyl Professionals, Inc. a call today for an expert consultation.

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