Is a Vinyl Pergola Resistant to Extreme Weather?

A pergola is a great way to make some shade in your backyard and to really make a statement. While the norm is to have a pergola made of wood, these can be expensive and can take a lot to maintain. Vinyl pergolas are a great option and are a bit more resilient.

Are Custom Vinyl Pergola Options Weather Proof?

One of the biggest things about wooden pergolas is that they are not weatherproof. They are going to get sun-bleached, they have the potential to get damaged in storms and they are not going to fare well if they get wet and freeze. That being said, with proper care, they can be somewhat resilient and they are going to last for a while. A vinyl pergola is even more weather resistant.

Vinyl pergolas are not going to splinter or need to be stained to protect them from the sun, they are not going to get bleached by the sun, and they are less likely to show damage as a result of weather events. You do still need to be aware that a very serious weather event like a tornado or a hurricane can take down a vinyl pergola just as quickly as it can a wooden one.

Vinyl is going to be more resistant to the everyday weather that you are used to, but they may not be resistant to super extremes. One thing that vinyl does not bode well with is extreme cold. It can make the vinyl brittle and it can cause it to crack.

Which Option Is Best for You?

When it comes down to decades of enjoyment under your pergola, it is really important to take the time to find the option that you love that will fit your needs. If you have enough room in the budget for a custom pergola, and you feel that vinyl is going to be more durable, it might be the right choice. If you prefer wood then you should choose a wood option.

There are so many different pergola options out there and taking the time to find the one that is going to fit your tastes and needs can make such a difference. A great pergola is a fantastic addition to any home and taking the time to see what options you have can help you fall in love with your pergola.  

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