Six Advantages of Vinyl Gates

If your home is due for a new fence, you may want to add a vinyl gate as well. Vinyl gate benefits in Santa Clarita, CA are numerous, and you will realize them quickly. There is a reason why they are a bestseller: people realize their advantages. Here are six benefits you will enjoy if you decide to install a vinyl gate:

  • Resilience: No matter the wind, rain or hot sun, vinyl will stand up to it. If you use it for your security gates, it is difficult for anyone to break in and trespass into your yard. Vinyl is five times stronger than wood, and four times more flexible. This helps it stand up to any elements that seek to defeat it and makes vinyl a popular choice for gates and fences.
  • Non-toxic: Wood gates often require treatments. Many of these involve toxic chemicals that can trigger respiratory reactions or risk to your pets. Vinyl gates are made with chlorine, which is manufactured from salt and other natural hydrocarbons. This makes them safe and chemical free for your children, pets and other members of your household.
  • Design options: You can create any type of gate you wish with vinyl. Sliding, security or swinging gates can all be made with this material. You can also choose durable but simple designs that fit into your budget, or choose something elaborate. Vinyl gates can be worked into your current fencing or be part of a bigger fence package. No matter your preferences or layout, a vinyl gate can be adapted to your home.
  • Low maintenance: You will not be wasting time painting these gates or cleaning them after a storm. Vinyl does not show scratches or require deep cleaning—you just need to wipe it down with soap and water. It is also mold-proof and rarely develops stains. Homeowners don’t have to refresh vinyl every year or replace it frequently. In fact, you’ll barely have to think about it at all!
  • Long lasting: Wood can fade, bend or blow apart in a bad storm. Iron is beautiful, but it will rust and require replacement someday. Vinyl never decomposes, and it will look as fresh 15 years from now as it does on the day it is installed. Replacing your vinyl gate is a consideration so far in the future you likely never have to anticipate it unless you decide you need a new design later.
  • Increases home value: Potential buyers seek attractive and secure homes, and a vinyl gate offers both of these attributes. Since it maintains its appearance in the long term, you do not have to worry about it becoming ugly if you sell your home in the future. Since it is durable, buyers see a home that is already secured and does not need additional effort. This makes your home an appealing jewel on the market, and increases its value.

Vinyl Professionals, Inc. is your premier gate installer. If you would like to enjoy vinyl gate benefits in Santa Clarita, CA, contact us today to learn your options. We can install just the gate or upgrade all of your fencing with strong and beautiful vinyl.

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