Consider This: Reasons to Not Paint Your Vinyl

Whether you have a vinyl fence, gazebo, deck, siding or other exterior feature, you might be tempted to paint it. After all, anything will look old and dingy after a few years out in the elements. However, there are some good reasons to avoid painting vinyl. If you really need a change, you should find reliable fencing contractors in Santa Clarita, CA who can help you update your vinyl exterior, or give you tips about how to enhance what you already have.

Here are the top reasons you should avoid painting vinyl:

  • It could void your warranty: When you have exterior vinyl, painting it might seem like a good idea, but you’d better check your warranty first. Manufacturers and fencing contractors may not honor your warranty if you’ve done something to alter the surface. That means that if something goes wrong, you’ll be on the hook for repair or replacement costs.
  • Only certain colors will work: Painting vinyl is a little more than just a matter of going to your favorite home improvement store and picking a color. You’re limited by color choice in vinyl paints, as well as the fact that darker colors can cause the vinyl to bubble or warp. If you must paint your vinyl, paint it a shade or two lighter than the original color.
  • It won’t last for long: Exterior vinyl can last up to 25 years, as long as you take care of it properly. Paint, on the other hand, may last a year or two before it starts chipping, peeling or bubbling. Although replacing all or parts of your vinyl is more expensive than paint, if you spread those costs out over two decades, you might not suffer from sticker shock.
  • Your painting seasons are limited: Extreme weather, including rain, sun and snow, will prevent your paint from adhering properly. That means you’ll have to wait for a run of perfect weather before you can paint the vinyl.
  • Results may vary: Painting vinyl is different from painting a wall—you might get an uneven result, even if you use the same technique and paint it all on the same day. If you want your vinyl to look professional and attractive, you’ll need to replace it rather than paint it. Otherwise, if the conditions aren’t just right, you’re more likely to experience warping, peeling, bubbling and other unattractive conditions.
  • It might be solved by washing: Finally, don’t start painting until you’ve tried actually washing the vinyl, according to the manufacturer’s or your contractor’s instructions. Some vinyl is best served by a good soap and water scrub, while others might stand up to power washing. It’s smart to try to wash the vinyl first—you might be surprised at how easy it is to make your exterior vinyl look brand new.

When you’re ready to install or replace an exterior vinyl piece, you need reliable fencing contractors in Santa Clarita, CA. Get in touch with Vinyl Professionals, Inc. today to learn more and get a quote.

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