Is Vinyl Really Fire Resistant?

If you’re considering vinyl for your home’s exterior features, like gazebos, fences and decks, you’ve probably heard that vinyl is fire resistant—but is that true? How fire resistant is it, and why? If you’re looking for a virtually indestructible material for your outdoor setting, vinyl is a wise choice. Read on to learn more about vinyl’s fire-resistant qualities, then call your local vinyl fencing company in Santa Clarita, CA to get started.

Vinyl and fire resistance

Your home’s exterior has a major impact on curb appeal, which is why many people opt for wooden fences, decks and structures. Wood is beautiful—but it will also go up in flames very quickly when a fire breaks out. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much harder to ignite or melt. Here’s a closer look at vinyl’s fire-resistant properties:

  • Harder to ignite: Wood catches on fire easily, especially if it’s older or dried out. If an open flame touches an old wooden fence or structure, it will go up in flames, and may even spread to other structures, like your house. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much harder to ignite. It’s made of PVC, which has a flame-retardant chlorine base.
  • Won’t spread: Similarly, your vinyl exterior pieces won’t spread the fire to other areas. There have been no reports of vinyl-clad houses or structures contributing to the spread of a fire, thanks to its flame-retardant materials. If something happens outdoors—like sparks flying out of the grill, or embers from your fire pit landing on the vinyl—it won’t burn like wooden features would.
  • Extinguishes easily: If for some reason your vinyl does catch on fire, it is easily extinguished. It has a low concentration of oxygen, so not only will it not spread, but you’ll also be able to put it out right away. That can be a relief when accidents happen.
  • Will not cause fires: Finally, we can guarantee that exterior vinyl won’t start a fire, either. Not only is it hard to ignite, flame retardant and easy to extinguish, but vinyl is commonly used as wiring insulation. It won’t catch fire, and it’s safe to use around electricity, open flames and more.

Other benefits of exterior vinyl

Of course, fire resistance isn’t the only benefit of using vinyl in your exteriors. In addition to being much safer than other materials, exterior vinyl is durable, attractive and cost effective. If properly maintained, it could last up to 25 years—and all it needs is a little soap and water to make it look as good as new. Vinyl exterior pieces, like fences, gates and gazebos, are completely customizable, too. You’re sure to find a piece or a structure that works with your home’s style. Plus, it’s less expensive than other types of fencing—when you pair that with how long it lasts and the other benefits it offers, vinyl is clearly the best choice.

When you’re ready to install a vinyl fence or other exterior feature, work with an experienced local vinyl fencing company in Santa Clarita, CA. Call Vinyl Professionals, Inc. today.

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